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@ -361,6 +361,10 @@ connections as possible during one iteration. You might also want to have
a look at C<ev_set_io_collect_interval ()> to increase the amount of
readiness notifications you get per iteration.
This backend maps C<EV_READ> to the C<readfds> set and C<EV_WRITE> to the
C<writefds> set (and to work around Microsoft Windows bugs, also onto the
C<exceptfds> set on that platform).
=item C<EVBACKEND_POLL> (value 2, poll backend, available everywhere except on windows)
And this is your standard poll(2) backend. It's more complicated
@ -370,6 +374,9 @@ considerably with a lot of inactive fds). It scales similarly to select,
i.e. O(total_fds). See the entry for C<EVBACKEND_SELECT>, above, for
performance tips.
This backend maps C<EV_READ> to C<POLLIN | POLLERR | POLLHUP>, and
=item C<EVBACKEND_EPOLL> (value 4, Linux)
For few fds, this backend is a bit little slower than poll and select,
@ -397,6 +404,9 @@ keep at least one watcher active per fd at all times.
While nominally embeddable in other event loops, this feature is broken in
all kernel versions tested so far.
This backend maps C<EV_READ> and C<EV_WRITE> in the same way as
=item C<EVBACKEND_KQUEUE> (value 8, most BSD clones)
Kqueue deserves special mention, as at the time of this writing, it
@ -427,6 +437,10 @@ almost everywhere, you should only use it when you have a lot of sockets
(e.g. C<EVBACKEND_SELECT> or C<EVBACKEND_POLL>) and using it only for
This backend maps C<EV_READ> into an C<EVFILT_READ> kevent with
C<NOTE_EOF>, and C<EV_WRITE> into an C<EVFILT_WRITE> kevent with
=item C<EVBACKEND_DEVPOLL> (value 16, Solaris 8)
This is not implemented yet (and might never be, unless you send me an
@ -452,6 +466,9 @@ On the positive side, ignoring the spurious readiness notifications, this
backend actually performed to specification in all tests and is fully
embeddable, which is a rare feat among the OS-specific backends.
This backend maps C<EV_READ> and C<EV_WRITE> in the same way as
Try all backends (even potentially broken ones that wouldn't be tried