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=over 4
=item active
A watcher is active as long as it has been started (has been attached to
an event loop) but not yet stopped (disassociated from the event loop).
=item application
In this document, an application is whatever is using libev.
=item callback
The address of a function that is called when some event has been
detected. Callbacks are being passed the event loop, the watcher that
received the event, and the actual event bitset.
=item callback invocation
The act of calling the callback associated with a watcher.
=item event
A change of state of some external event, such as data now being available
for reading on a file descriptor, time having passed or simply not having
any other events happening anymore.
In libev, events are represented as single bits (such as C<EV_READ> or
=item event library
A software package implementing an event model and loop.
=item event loop
An entity that handles and processes external events and converts them
into callback invocations.
=item event model
The model used to describe how an event loop handles and processes
watchers and events.
=item pending
A watcher is pending as soon as the corresponding event has been detected,
and stops being pending as soon as the watcher will be invoked or its
pending status is explicitly cleared by the application.
A watcher can be pending, but not active. Stopping a watcher also clears
its pending status.
=item real time
The physical time that is observed. It is apparently strictly monotonic :)
=item wall-clock time
The time and date as shown on clocks. Unlike real time, it can actually
be wrong and jump forwards and backwards, e.g. when the you adjust your
=item watcher
A data structure that describes interest in certain events. Watchers need
to be started (attached to an event loop) before they can receive events.
=item watcher invocation
The act of calling the callback associated with a watcher.
=head1 AUTHOR
Marc Lehmann <libev@schmorp.de>, with repeated corrections by Mikael Magnusson.