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Marc Alexander Lehmann 15 years ago
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In addition to a working ISO-C implementation, libev relies on a few
additional extensions:
=over 4
=item C<sig_atomic_t volatile> must be thread-atomic as well
The type C<sig_atomic_t volatile> (or whatever is defined as
C<EV_ATOMIC_T>) must be atomic w.r.t. accesses from different
threads. This is not part of the specification for C<sig_atomic_t>, but is
believed to be sufficiently portable.
=item C<sigprocmask> must work in a threaded environment
Libev uses C<sigprocmask> to temporarily block signals. This is not
allowed in a threaded program (C<pthread_sigmask> has to be used). Typical
pthread implementations will either allow C<sigprocmask> in the "main
thread" or will block signals process-wide, both behaviours would
be compatible with libev. Interaction between C<sigprocmask> and
C<pthread_sigmask> could complicate things, however.
The most portable way to handle signals is to block signals in all threads
except the initial one, and run the default loop in the initial thread as
If you know of other additional requirements drop me a note.
=head1 AUTHOR
Marc Lehmann <libev@schmorp.de>.