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@ -241,6 +241,24 @@ This flags value could be used to implement alternative looping
constructs, but the C<prepare> and C<check> watchers provide a better and
more generic mechanism.
Here are the gory details of what ev_loop does:
1. If there are no active watchers (reference count is zero), return.
2. Queue and immediately call all prepare watchers.
3. If we have been forked, recreate the kernel state.
4. Update the kernel state with all outstanding changes.
5. Update the "event loop time".
6. Calculate for how long to block.
7. Block the process, waiting for events.
8. Update the "event loop time" and do time jump handling.
9. Queue all outstanding timers.
10. Queue all outstanding periodics.
11. If no events are pending now, queue all idle watchers.
12. Queue all check watchers.
13. Call all queued watchers in reverse order (i.e. check watchers first).
14. If ev_unloop has been called or EVLOOP_ONESHOT or EVLOOP_NONBLOCK
was used, return, otherwise continue with step #1.
=item ev_unloop (loop, how)
Can be used to make a call to C<ev_loop> return early (but only after it