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- 1.6.3 -
* Fix unix socket mode change to work without specifying user/group for socket
- 1.6.2 - 2009-04-18
* Add homepage to README
* Add IPv6 support
* Fix problems with usernames starting with a digit and non-existent uids; add warning if only user privs are dropped. (fixes #1959)
* Add check to link against socket/nsl if needed (fixes #1960)
* List IPv6 as feature after the version if it is supported
- 1.6.1 - 2009-03-29
* Add build date to show-version
* Added options to chown/chmod the socket and to create the socket before chroot() (fixes #1906)
* Updated man page
* Add proper SUID bit detection
* Added option to change the directory before spawning (fixes #1847)
- 1.6.0 - 2009-02-28
* Separated spawn-fcgi from lighttpd
* Remove limits for php children; per default the PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN var is not changed (php defaults to no children, one worker)
* Modified the log messages format (more details on errors, no source line)
* Only try to connect to unix socket (not tcp) before spawning (fixes again #1575)
* Only disconnect from terminal in fork mode (keep stderr/stdout open in nofork mode)
* Allow numerical user and group ids for -u/-g (fixes #1141)
* Ignore pid-file option in no-fork mode (instead of producing empty file)
* Fix error handling for unix-socket-connect test
* Man page update
* Use header include order from 1.4.x
* Fix segfault due to uninitialized var