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  Stefan Bühler afc537d345 [build] improve (warning) compile flags 10 months ago
  Tyler Stubenvoll bdd50b7910 Taught multiwatch to send the correct signal when using --signal 1 year ago
  Stefan Bühler d3a960fbe0 distribute README.rst 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 861aca4f43 fix minus signs in man page 5 years ago
  Stefan Bühler ce9be5cd26 make README a proper formatted README.rst 7 years ago
  Stefan Bühler d23de523a6 add README 8 years ago
  Angel Abad 184406ceab fix ftbfs with ld --as-needed 8 years ago
  Stefan Bühler fd45ac88e2 [build] Fix detection of libev (fixes #2307) 9 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 80d85493ec Fix typos, s/childs/children/ and add new "--signal" option 9 years ago
  Peter Weck 8c6b1945bd Reset sigmask after fork() 9 years ago
  Stefan Bühler a38075bf15 Fix example in man page 11 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 1a496ac18d Fix typo in man-page (php instead of rails) 11 years ago
  Stefan Bühler 33ec2e739a Fix year in COPYING 11 years ago
  Stefan Bühler bb145f83fb Initial commit 11 years ago