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#error Please include <lighttpd/angel_base.h> instead of this file
#define LIGHTTPD_ANGEL_MAGIC ((guint)0x3e14ac65)
typedef enum {
INSTANCE_DOWN, /* not running */
INSTANCE_LOADING, /* startup */
INSTANCE_WARMUP, /* running, but logging to files disabled */
INSTANCE_ACTIVE, /* everything running */
INSTANCE_SUSPEND /* handle remaining connections, suspend logs+accept() */
} instance_state_t;
struct instance_conf {
gint refcount;
gchar **cmd;
GString *username;
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
struct instance {
gint refcount;
server *srv;
instance_conf *ic;
pid_t pid;
ev_child child_watcher;
instance_state_t s_cur, s_dest;
instance *replace, *replace_by;
angel_connection *acon;
gboolean in_jobqueue;
struct server {
guint32 magic; /** server magic version, check against LIGHTTPD_ANGEL_MAGIC in plugins */
struct ev_loop *loop;
GQueue job_queue;
ev_async job_watcher;
Plugins plugins;
log_t log;
LI_API server* server_new(const gchar *module_dir);
LI_API void server_free(server* srv);
LI_API instance* server_new_instance(server *srv, instance_conf *ic);
LI_API void instance_replace(instance *oldi, instance *newi);
LI_API void instance_set_state(instance *i, instance_state_t s);
LI_API instance_conf* instance_conf_new(gchar **cmd, GString *username, uid_t uid, gid_t gid);
LI_API void instance_conf_release(instance_conf *ic);
LI_API void instance_conf_acquire(instance_conf *ic);
LI_API void instance_release(instance *i);
LI_API void instance_acquire(instance *i);
LI_API void instance_job_append(instance *i);