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set -e
if [ ! -f "$1" ]; then
echo "Syntax: $0 [path-to-dist.tar.gz]"
echo "Build such file with ./; ./configure; make dist-gzip"
echo "This tool can then be used to check the differences between the git"
echo "repository and the tar; it might show added files for autotools"
echo "(compile, configure,, m4, ...) and should remove"
echo ".gitignore files and some helper scripts ( and this file)"
) >&2
exit 1
tmpdir=$(mktemp --tmpdir -d diff-dist-tar-git-XXXXXXX)
trap 'rm -rf "${tmpdir}"' EXIT
git archive --format tar.gz -o "${tmpdir}/lighttpd.tar.gz" --prefix "lighttpd-2.0.0/" HEAD
tardiff --modified --autoskip "${tmpdir}/lighttpd.tar.gz" "$1"