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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
struct liRequestUri {
GString *raw; /* may include scheme and authority before path_raw */
GString *raw_path, *raw_orig_path; /* not decoded path with querystring */
GString *scheme;
GString *authority; /* authority: may include auth and ports and hostname trailing dots */
GString *path;
GString *query;
GString *host; /* without userinfo and port and trailing dots */
struct liPhysical {
GString *path;
GString *doc_root;
GString *pathinfo;
struct liRequest {
liHttpMethod http_method;
GString *http_method_str;
liHttpVersion http_version;
liRequestUri uri;
liHttpHeaders *headers;
/* Parsed headers: */
goffset content_length; /* -1 if not specified */
LI_API void li_request_init(liRequest *req);
LI_API void li_request_reset(liRequest *req);
LI_API void li_request_clear(liRequest *req);
LI_API gboolean li_request_validate_header(liConnection *con);
LI_API void li_physical_init(liPhysical *phys);
LI_API void li_physical_reset(liPhysical *phys);
LI_API void li_physical_clear(liPhysical *phys);