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#include <lighttpd/base.h>
#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>
typedef struct liGnuTLSOCSP liGnuTLSOCSP;
LI_API liGnuTLSOCSP* li_gnutls_ocsp_new(void);
/* doesn't call closed_cb; but you can call this from closed_cb */
LI_API void li_gnutls_ocsp_free(liGnuTLSOCSP *ocsp);
LI_API void li_gnutls_ocsp_use(liGnuTLSOCSP *ocsp, gnutls_certificate_credentials_t creds);
/* load DER or PEM ("OCSP RESPONSE") encoded ocsp response */
LI_API gboolean li_gnutls_ocsp_add(liServer *srv, liGnuTLSOCSP *ocsp, const char* filename);
/* search in PEM file for a OCSP RESPONSE block and add it if there is one;
* returns only FALSE if a block was found which COULDN'T be loaded
LI_API gboolean li_gnutls_ocsp_search(liServer *srv, liGnuTLSOCSP *ocsp, const char* filename);