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struct plugin;
typedef struct plugin plugin;
struct plugin_option;
typedef struct plugin_option plugin_option;
struct server_option;
typedef struct server_option server_option;
#define INIT_FUNC(x) \
LI_EXPORT void * x(server *srv, plugin *)
#define PLUGIN_DATA \
size_t id; \
ssize_t option_base_ndx
#include "base.h"
#include "options.h"
#include "module.h"
typedef void (*PluginInit) (server *srv, plugin *p);
typedef void (*PluginFree) (server *srv, plugin *p);
typedef gboolean (*PluginParseOption) (server *srv, gpointer p_d, size_t ndx, option *opt, gpointer *value);
typedef void (*PluginFreeOption) (server *srv, gpointer p_d, size_t ndx, gpointer value);
struct plugin {
size_t version;
const char *name; /**< name of the plugin */
gpointer data; /**< private plugin data */
PluginFree *free; /**< called before plugin is unloaded */
plugin_option *options;
struct plugin_option {
const gchar *key;
option_type type;
PluginParseOption parse_option;
PluginFreeOption free_option;
struct server_option {
plugin *p;
/** the plugin must free the _content_ of the option
* opt is zero to get the global default value if nothing is specified
* save result in value
* Default behaviour (NULL) is to just use the option as value
PluginParseOption parse_option;
PluginFreeOption free_option;
size_t index, module_index;
option_type type;
LI_API gboolean plugin_register(server *srv, const gchar *name, PluginInit *init);
LI_API gboolean parse_option(server *srv, const char *key, option *opt, option_set *mark);
LI_API void release_option(server *srv, option_set *mark); /**< Does not free the option_set memory */