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#include "settings.h"
typedef enum {
} action_result;
// action type
typedef enum {
} action_type;
struct action;
typedef struct action action;
struct action_list;
typedef struct action_list action_list;
struct action_stack;
typedef struct action_stack action_stack;
struct action_stack {
GArray* stack;
struct server; struct connection;
typedef action_result (*action_func)(struct server *srv, struct connection *con, void* param);
#include "condition.h"
#include "plugin.h"
#include "options.h"
struct action_list {
gint refcount;
GArray* actions; /** array of (action*) */
struct action {
gint refcount;
action_type type;
union {
option_set setting;
struct {
condition *cond;
action_list* target; /** action target to jump to if condition is fulfilled */
} condition;
struct {
action_func func;
gpointer param;
} function;
} value;
LI_API void action_list_release(action_list *al);
LI_API action_list *action_list_new();
/* no new/free function, so just use the struct direct (i.e. not a pointer) */
LI_API void action_stack_init(action_stack *as);
LI_API void action_stack_reset(action_stack *as);
LI_API void action_stack_clear(action_stack *as);
/** handle sublist now, remember current position (stack) */
LI_API void action_enter(connection *con, action_list *al);
LI_API action_result action_execute(server *srv, connection *con);
/* create new action */
action *action_new_setting(server *srv, GString *name, option *value);
action *action_new_function();
action *action_new_condition_string(comp_key_t comp, comp_operator_t op, GString *str);
action *action_new_condition_int(comp_key_t comp, comp_operator_t op, guint64 i);