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#include <lighttpd/settings.h>
#include <lighttpd/events.h>
typedef struct liTaskletPool liTaskletPool;
typedef void (*liTaskletFinishedCB)(gpointer data);
typedef void (*liTaskletRunCB)(gpointer data);
/* if threads = 0: all run callbacks are executed immediately in li_tasklet_push (but finished_cb is delayed)
* if threads < 0: a shared GThreadPool is used
* if threads > 0: a exclusive GThreadPool is used with the specified numbers of threads
/* we do not keep the loop alive! */
LI_API liTaskletPool* li_tasklet_pool_new(liEventLoop *loop, gint threads);
/* blocks until all tasks are done; calls all finished callbacks;
* you are allowed to call this from finish callbacks, but not more than once!
LI_API void li_tasklet_pool_free(liTaskletPool *pool);
/* this may stop the old pool and wait for all jobs to be finished; doesn't call finished callbacks */
LI_API void li_tasklet_pool_set_threads(liTaskletPool *pool, gint threads);
LI_API gint li_tasklet_pool_get_threads(liTaskletPool *pool);
/* the finished callback is executed in the same thread context as the pool lives in;
* it will either be called from li_tasklet_pool_free or the ev-loop handler,
* never from li_tasklet_push
* all tasklets will be executed, you can *not* cancel them!
LI_API void li_tasklet_push(liTaskletPool *pool, liTaskletRunCB run, liTaskletFinishedCB finished, gpointer data);