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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
# define LIGHTTPD_SERVER_MAGIC ((guint)0x12AB34CD)
typedef gboolean (*liConnectionNewCB)(liConnection *con, int fd);
typedef void (*liServerSocketReleaseCB)(liServerSocket *srv_sock);
typedef void (*liServerStateWaitCancelled)(liServer *srv, liServerStateWait *w);
typedef enum {
LI_SERVER_INIT, /** start state */
LI_SERVER_LOADING, /** config loaded, prepare listeing sockets/open log files */
LI_SERVER_SUSPENDED, /** ready to go, no logs */
LI_SERVER_WARMUP, /** listen() active, no logs yet, handling remaining connections */
LI_SERVER_RUNNING, /** listen() and logs active */
LI_SERVER_SUSPENDING, /** listen() stopped, logs active, handling remaining connections */
LI_SERVER_STOPPING, /** listen() stopped, no logs, handling remaining connections */
LI_SERVER_DOWN /** exit */
} liServerState;
struct liServerSocket {
gint refcount;
liServer *srv;
liEventIO watcher;
liSocketAddress local_addr;
/* Custom sockets (ssl) */
gpointer data;
liConnectionNewCB new_cb;
liServerSocketReleaseCB release_cb;
struct liServerStateWait {
GList queue_link;
gboolean active;
liServerStateWaitCancelled cancel_cb;
gpointer data;
struct liServer {
guint32 magic; /** server magic version, check against LIGHTTPD_SERVER_MAGIC in plugins */
liServerState state, dest_state; /** atomic access */
liAngelConnection *acon;
/* state machine handling */
GMutex *statelock;
GQueue state_wait_queue;
liServerState state_wait_for;
liEventAsync state_ready_watcher;
liLuaState LL;
liWorker *main_worker;
guint worker_count;
GArray *workers;
liValue *workers_cpu_affinity;
GArray *ts_formats; /** array of (GString*), add with li_server_ts_format_add() */
guint loop_flags;
liEventTimer srv_1sec_timer;
GPtrArray *sockets; /** array of (server_socket*) */
liModules *modules;
GHashTable *plugins; /**< const gchar* => (liPlugin*) */
liPlugin *core_plugin;
/* registered by plugins */
GHashTable *options; /**< const gchar* => (liServerOption*) */
GHashTable *optionptrs; /**< const gchar* => (liServerOptionPtr*) */
GHashTable *actions; /**< const gchar* => (liServerAction*) */
GHashTable *setups; /**< const gchar* => (liServerSetup*) */
GArray *li_plugins_handle_close; /** list of handle_close callbacks */
GArray *li_plugins_handle_vrclose; /** list of handle_vrclose callbacks */
GArray *option_def_values;/** array of liOptionValue */
GArray *optionptr_def_values;/** array of liOptionPtrValue* */
liAction *mainaction;
GMutex *action_mutex; /** used to synchronize action creation/destruction */
gboolean exiting; /** atomic access */
liLogServerData logs;
li_tstamp started;
GString *started_str;
guint connection_load, max_connections;
gboolean connection_limit_hit; /** true if limit was hit and the sockets are disabled */
/* keep alive timeout */
guint keep_alive_queue_timeout;
gdouble io_timeout;
GArray *throttle_pools;
liRadixTree *throttle_ip_pools;
gdouble stat_cache_ttl;
gint tasklet_pool_threads;
LI_API liServer* li_server_new(const gchar *module_dir, gboolean module_resident);
LI_API void li_server_free(liServer* srv);
LI_API void li_server_loop_init(liServer *srv);
LI_API liServerSocket* li_server_listen(liServer *srv, int fd);
/* exit asap with cleanup */
LI_API void li_server_exit(liServer *srv);
LI_API GString *li_server_current_timestamp();
LI_API void li_server_out_of_fds(liServer *srv);
LI_API guint li_server_ts_format_add(liServer *srv, GString* format);
LI_API void li_server_socket_release(liServerSocket* sock);
LI_API void li_server_socket_acquire(liServerSocket* sock);
LI_API void li_server_goto_state(liServer *srv, liServerState state);
LI_API void li_server_reached_state(liServer *srv, liServerState state);
/** threadsafe */
LI_API void li_server_state_ready(liServer *srv, liServerStateWait *sw);
/** only call from server state plugin hooks; push new wait condition to wait queue */
LI_API void li_server_state_wait(liServer *srv, liServerStateWait *sw);