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Stefan Bühler ca315bee89 [mod_memcached]: Implement 13 years ago
.. Rename lighttpd to lighttpd2 13 years ago
angel_connection.c Fix some queue handling bugs in angel connection 13 years ago
angel_data.c Add a li_const_gstring method to create fake GStrings; make some GString* parameters const 13 years ago
buffer.c Add a new liBuffer alloc function for long-term buffers 13 years ago
encoding.c [core] Add li-prefix to structs, enums and function names for encoding helpers 14 years ago
idlist.c Split sources into subdirs 14 years ago
ip_parsers.rl Add listen mask checks to angel 13 years ago
memcached.c [mod_memcached]: Implement 13 years ago
mempool.c Add mempool_align_page_size implementation for MEMPOOL_MALLOC fallback 13 years ago
module.c [core] Add --module-resident commandline parameter to prevent module unloading. Useful for valgrind or tcmalloc 13 years ago
radix.c Make radix tree generic (length independent), use it for mod_access ipv4/ipv6 13 years ago
sys-files.c Split sources into subdirs 14 years ago
sys-socket.c Split sources into subdirs 14 years ago
utils.c Fix casts in utils.c 13 years ago
waitqueue.c [core] Update queue->delay in li_waitqueue_set_delay(), not only ev timer 13 years ago
wscript add liBuffer: a reference-counted memory chunk (using mempool) for basic network data 13 years ago