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#include <lighttpd/base.h>
#include <openssl/ssl.h>
typedef struct liOpenSSLFilter liOpenSSLFilter;
typedef void (*liOpenSSLFilterHandshakeCB)(liOpenSSLFilter *f, gpointer data, liStream *plain_source, liStream *plain_drain);
typedef void (*liOpenSSLFilterClosedCB)(liOpenSSLFilter *f, gpointer data);
typedef struct liOpenSSLFilterCallbacks liOpenSSLFilterCallbacks;
struct liOpenSSLFilterCallbacks {
liOpenSSLFilterHandshakeCB handshake_cb; /* called after initial handshake is done */
liOpenSSLFilterClosedCB closed_cb;
LI_API liOpenSSLFilter* li_openssl_filter_new(
liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk,
const liOpenSSLFilterCallbacks *callbacks, gpointer data,
SSL_CTX *ssl_ctx, liStream *crypt_source, liStream *crypt_drain);
/* doesn't call closed_cb; but you can call this from closed_cb */
LI_API void li_openssl_filter_free(liOpenSSLFilter *f);
LI_API SSL* li_openssl_filter_ssl(liOpenSSLFilter *f);