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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module xmlns="urn:lighttpd.net:lighttpd2/doc1">
offers various utilities to aid you debug a problem.
<action name="debug.show_connections">
<short>shows a page similar to the one from mod_status, listing all active connections</short>
By specifying one or more "connection ids" via querystring (parameter "con"), one can request additional debug output for specific connections.
if req.path == "/debug/connections" { debug.show_connections; }
<action name="debug.profiler_dump">
<short>dumps all allocated memory to the profiler output file if profiling enabled</short>
lighttpd2 needs to be compiled with profiler support, and profiling has to be enabled by setting the environment variable @LIGHTY_PROFILE_MEM@ to the path of a target log file.