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#define THROTTLE_GRANULARITY 200 /* defines how frequently (in milliseconds) a magazine is refilled */
/* this makro converts a ev_tstamp to a gint. this is needed for atomic access. millisecond precision, can hold two weeks max */
#define THROTTLE_EVTSTAMP_TO_GINT(x) ((gint) ((x - ((gint)x - (gint)x % (3600*24*14))) * 1000))
typedef enum {
} liThrottlePoolType;
struct liThrottlePool {
/* global per pool */
liThrottlePoolType type;
union {
GString *name;
liSocketAddress addr;
} data;
gint rate; /* bytes/s */
gint refcount;
gint rearming; /* atomic access, 1 if a worker is currently rearming the magazine */
gint last_rearm; /* gint for atomic access. represents a ((gint)ev_tstamp*1000) */
/* local per worker */
gint *worker_magazine;
gint *worker_last_rearm;
gint *worker_num_cons_queued;
GQueue** worker_queues;
struct liThrottleParam {
gint rate;
guint burst;
LI_API void li_throttle_reset(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_throttle_cb(liWaitQueue *wq, gpointer data);
LI_API liThrottlePool *li_throttle_pool_new(liServer *srv, liThrottlePoolType type, gpointer param, guint rate);
LI_API void li_throttle_pool_free(liServer *srv, liThrottlePool *pool);
LI_API void li_throttle_pool_acquire(liVRequest *vr, liThrottlePool *pool);
LI_API void li_throttle_pool_release(liVRequest *vr, liThrottlePool *pool);
/* update throttle data: notify it that we sent <transferred> bytes, and that we never send more than write_max at once */
LI_API void li_throttle_update(liVRequest *vr, goffset transferred, goffset write_max);