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extern gboolean li_profiler_enabled; /* read only */
typedef struct liProfilerMem liProfilerMem;
struct liProfilerMem {
guint64 inuse_bytes;
guint64 alloc_times;
guint64 alloc_bytes;
guint64 calloc_times;
guint64 calloc_bytes;
guint64 realloc_times;
guint64 realloc_bytes;
guint64 free_times;
guint64 free_bytes;
LI_API void li_profiler_enable(gchar *output_path); /* enables the profiler */
LI_API void li_profiler_finish();
LI_API void li_profiler_dump(gint minsize); /* dumps memory statistics to file specified in LI_PROFILE_MEM env var */
LI_API void li_profiler_hashtable_insert(const gpointer addr, gsize size); /* registers an allocated block with the profiler */
LI_API void li_profiler_hashtable_remove(const gpointer addr); /* unregisters an allocated block with the profiler */