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#include <lighttpd/settings.h>
typedef struct liJob liJob;
typedef struct liJobRef liJobRef;
typedef struct liJobQueue liJobQueue;
typedef void (*liJobCB)(liJob *job);
/* All data here is private; use the functions to interact with the job-queue */
struct liJob {
guint generation;
GList link;
liJobCB callback;
liJobRef *ref;
struct liJobRef {
gint refcount;
liJob *job;
liJobQueue *queue;
struct liJobQueue {
struct ev_loop *loop;
guint generation;
ev_prepare prepare_watcher;
GQueue queue;
ev_timer queue_watcher;
GAsyncQueue *async_queue;
ev_async async_queue_watcher;
LI_API void li_job_queue_init(liJobQueue *jq, struct ev_loop *loop);
LI_API void li_job_queue_clear(liJobQueue *jq); /* runs until all jobs are done */
LI_API void li_job_init(liJob *job, liJobCB callback);
LI_API void li_job_reset(liJob *job);
LI_API void li_job_stop(liJob *job); /* remove job from queue if active and detach references */
LI_API void li_job_clear(liJob *job);
/* marks the job for later execution */
LI_API void li_job_later(liJobQueue *jq, liJob *job);
LI_API void li_job_later_ref(liJobRef *jobref); /* NOT thread-safe! */
/* if the job didn't run in this generation yet, run it now; otherwise mark it for later execution */
LI_API void li_job_now(liJobQueue *jq, liJob *job);
LI_API void li_job_now_ref(liJobRef *jobref); /* NOT thread-safe! */
LI_API void li_job_async(liJobRef *jobref);
/* marks the job for later execution; this is the only threadsafe way to push a job to the queue */
LI_API liJobRef* li_job_ref(liJobQueue *jq, liJob *job);
LI_API void li_job_ref_release(liJobRef *jobref);
LI_API void li_job_ref_acquire(liJobRef *jobref);