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#include <lighttpd/base.h>
#include <lua.h>
#define LI_LUA_REGISTRY_STATE "lighttpd.state"
#define LI_LUA_REGISTRY_SERVER "lighttpd.server"
#define LI_LUA_REGISTRY_WORKER "lighttpd.worker"
#define LI_LUA_REGISTRY_GLOBALS "lighttpd.globals"
LI_API liLuaState *li_lua_state_get(lua_State *L);
INLINE void li_lua_lock(liLuaState *LL);
INLINE void li_lua_unlock(liLuaState *LL);
LI_API void li_lua_init_chunk_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liChunk* li_lua_get_chunk(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_chunk(lua_State *L, liChunk *c);
LI_API liChunkQueue* li_lua_get_chunkqueue(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_chunkqueue(lua_State *L, liChunkQueue *cq);
LI_API void li_lua_init_connection_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liConnection* li_lua_get_connection(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_connection(lua_State *L, liConnection *con);
LI_API void li_lua_init_environment_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liEnvironment* li_lua_get_environment(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_environment(lua_State *L, liEnvironment *env);
LI_API void li_lua_init_filter_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liFilter* li_lua_get_filter(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_filter(lua_State *L, liFilter *f);
LI_API void li_lua_init_filters(lua_State *L, liServer* srv);
LI_API liFilter* li_lua_vrequest_add_filter_in(lua_State *L, liVRequest *vr, int state_ndx);
LI_API liFilter* li_lua_vrequest_add_filter_out(lua_State *L, liVRequest *vr, int state_ndx);
LI_API void li_lua_init_http_headers_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liHttpHeaders* li_lua_get_http_headers(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_http_headers(lua_State *L, liHttpHeaders *headers);
LI_API void li_lua_init_physical_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liPhysical* li_lua_get_physical(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_physical(lua_State *L, liPhysical *phys);
LI_API void li_lua_init_request_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liRequest* li_lua_get_request(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_request(lua_State *L, liRequest *req);
LI_API liRequestUri* li_lua_get_requesturi(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_requesturi(lua_State *L, liRequestUri *uri);
LI_API void li_lua_init_response_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liResponse* li_lua_get_response(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_response(lua_State *L, liResponse *resp);
LI_API void li_lua_init_stat_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API struct stat* li_lua_get_stat(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_stat(lua_State *L, struct stat *st);
LI_API void li_lua_init_subrequest_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API void li_lua_init_vrequest_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liVRequest* li_lua_get_vrequest(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_vrequest(lua_State *L, liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_lua_init_coninfo_mt(lua_State *L);
LI_API liConInfo* li_lua_get_coninfo(lua_State *L, int ndx);
LI_API int li_lua_push_coninfo(lua_State *L, liConInfo *vr);
LI_API int li_lua_fixindex(lua_State *L, int ndx);
/* return 1 if value is found in mt (on top of the stack), 0 if it is not found (stack balance = 0)
* table, key on stack at pos 0 and 1 (i.e. __index metho)
LI_API int li_lua_metatable_index(lua_State *L);
LI_API void li_lua_init2(liLuaState* LL, liServer* srv, liWorker* wrk);
LI_API int li_lua_push_traceback(lua_State *L, int nargs);
/* nargs: number of arguments *with* object; object must be the first of the arguments
* returns: FALSE: an error occured. stack balance -nargs (i.e. popped args)
* TRUE: stack balance nresp-narg; popped args, pushed results
* srv/vr are only needed for error logging
* if optional is TRUE don't log an error if the method doesn't exist
LI_API gboolean li_lua_call_object(liServer *srv, liVRequest *vr, lua_State *L, const char* method, int nargs, int nresults, gboolean optional);
LI_API void li_lua_restore_globals(lua_State *L);
LI_API void li_lua_new_globals(lua_State *L);
/* joinWith " " (map tostring parameter[from..to]) */
LI_API GString* li_lua_print_get_string(lua_State *L, int from, int to);
/* pairs() for a GHashTable GString -> GString:
* Don't modify the hastable while iterating:
* - no new keys
* - no delete
* Modifying values is fine; g_hash_table_insert() as long as the key already exists too.
* The returned "next" function has an internal state, it ignores the table/state and previous key parameter.
* returns: <next>, nil, nil on the stack (and 3 as c function)
LI_API int li_lua_ghashtable_gstring_pairs(lua_State *L, GHashTable *ht);
/* internal: subrequests (vrequest metamethod) */
LI_API int li_lua_vrequest_subrequest(lua_State *L);
/* inline implementations */
INLINE void li_lua_lock(liLuaState *LL) {
gboolean b;
b = lua_checkstack(LL->L, LUA_MINSTACK);
INLINE void li_lua_unlock(liLuaState *LL) {