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#include <lighttpd/settings.h>
#define MODULE_VERSION ((guint) 0x00000001)
#define MODULE_VERSION_CHECK(mods) do { \
if (mods->version != MODULE_VERSION) { \
ERROR(mods->main, "Version mismatch for modules system: is %u, expected %u", mods->version, MODULE_VERSION); \
return FALSE; \
} \
if (mods->sizeof_off_t != (guint8)sizeof(off_t)) { \
ERROR(mods->main, "Compile flags mismatch: sizeof(off_t) is %u, expected %u", (guint) sizeof(off_t), mods->sizeof_off_t); \
return FALSE; \
} \
} while(0)
/** see li_module_load */
#define MODULE_DEPENDS(mods, name) do { \
if (!li_module_load(mods, name)) { \
ERROR(mods->main, "Couldn't load dependency '%s'", name); \
return FALSE; \
} } while(0)
typedef struct liModule liModule;
typedef struct liModules liModules;
/** Type of plugin_init function in modules */
typedef gboolean (*liModuleInitCB)(liModules *mods, liModule *mod);
typedef gboolean (*liModuleFreeCB)(liModules *mods, liModule *mod);
struct liModule {
gint refcount; /**< count how often module is used. module gets unloaded if refcount reaches zero. */
GString *name; /**< name of module, can be set my plugin_init */
GModule *module; /**< glib handle */
gchar *path; /**< path to the module file */
gpointer config; /**< private module data */
liModuleFreeCB free; /**< if set by plugin_init it gets called before module is unloaded */
struct liModules {
guint version; /**< api version */
gpointer main; /**< pointer to a application specific main structure, e.g. server */
GArray *mods; /**< array of (module*) */
gchar *module_dir;
guint8 sizeof_off_t; /** holds the value of sizeof(off_t) to check if loaded module was compiled with the same flags */
LI_API liModules* li_modules_new(gpointer main, const gchar *module_dir);
LI_API void li_modules_free(liModules *mods);
/** Loads a module if not loaded yet and returns the module struct for it (after increasing refcount)
* returns NULL if it couldn't load the module.
* You should release modules after you used them with li_module_release or li_module_release_name */
LI_API liModule* li_module_load(liModules *mods, const gchar* name);
/* find module by name */
LI_API liModule *li_module_lookup(liModules *mods, const gchar *name);
LI_API void li_module_acquire(liModule *mod);
LI_API void li_module_release(liModules *mods, liModule *mod);
LI_API void li_module_release_name(liModules *mods, const gchar* name);