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#error Please include <lighttpd/angel_base.h> instead of this file
typedef struct liPluginItem liPluginItem;
typedef struct liPluginItemOption liPluginItemOption;
typedef struct liPlugin liPlugin;
typedef struct liPlugins liPlugins;
typedef gboolean (*liPluginInitCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginFreeCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginCleanConfigCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef gboolean (*liPluginCheckConfigCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginActivateConfigCB)(liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginParseItemCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, liValue **options);
typedef void (*liPluginHandleCallCB) (liServer *srv, liInstance *i, liPlugin *p, gint32 id, GString *data);
typedef enum {
} liPluginItemOptionFlags;
struct liPluginItemOption {
const gchar *name; /**< name of the option */
liValueType type; /**< type of the option; may be LI_VALUE_NONE to accept anything */
liPluginItemOptionFlags flags; /**< flags of the option */
struct liPluginItem {
const gchar *name;
liPluginParseItemCB handle_parse_item;
const liPluginItemOption *options;
struct liPlugin {
size_t version;
const gchar *name; /**< name of the plugin */
gpointer data; /**< private plugin data */
const liPluginItem *items;
GHashTable *angel_callbacks; /**< map (const gchar*) -> liPluginHandleCallCB */
liPluginFreeCB handle_free; /**< called before plugin is unloaded */
liPluginCleanConfigCB handle_clean_config; /**< called before the reloading of the config is started or after the reloading failed */
liPluginCheckConfigCB handle_check_config; /**< called before activating a config to ensure everything works */
liPluginActivateConfigCB handle_activate_config; /**< called to activate a config after successful loading it. this cannot fail */
struct liPlugins {
GString *config_filename;
GHashTable *items, *load_items; /**< gchar* -> server_item */
liModules *modules;
GHashTable *module_refs, *load_module_refs; /** gchar* -> server_module */
GHashTable *ht_plugins, *load_ht_plugins;
GPtrArray *plugins, *load_plugins; /* plugin* */
void plugins_init(liServer *srv, const gchar *module_dir);
void plugins_clear(liServer *srv);
void plugins_config_clean(liServer *srv);
gboolean plugins_config_load(liServer *srv, const gchar *filename);
void plugins_handle_item(liServer *srv, GString *itemname, liValue *hash);
/* "core" is a reserved module name for interal use */
gboolean plugins_load_module(liServer *srv, const gchar *name);
/* Needed by modules to register their plugin(s) */
LI_API liPlugin *li_angel_plugin_register(liServer *srv, liModule *mod, const gchar *name, liPluginInitCB init);