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#include <lighttpd/settings.h>
typedef enum {
} liCounterType;
LI_API void li_fatal(const gchar* msg);
LI_API void li_fd_init(int fd);
LI_API void li_fd_no_block(int fd);
LI_API void li_fd_block(int fd);
#ifndef _WIN32
/* return -2 for EAGAIN, -1 for some other error, 0 for success */
LI_API int li_send_fd(int s, int fd); /* write fd to unix socket s */
LI_API int li_receive_fd(int s, int *fd); /* read fd from unix socket s */
LI_API void li_ev_io_add_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
LI_API void li_ev_io_rem_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
LI_API void li_ev_io_set_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
#define li_ev_safe_ref_and_stop(stopf, loop, watcher) do { \
ev_watcher *__w = (ev_watcher*) watcher; \
if (ev_is_active(__w)) { \
ev_ref(loop); \
stopf(loop, watcher); \
} \
} while (0)
/* URL inplace decode: replace %XX with character \xXX; replace control characters with '_' (< 32 || == 127) */
LI_API void li_url_decode(GString *path);
LI_API void li_path_simplify(GString *path);
/* formats a given guint64 for output. if dest is NULL, a new string is allocated */
LI_API GString *li_counter_format(guint64 count, liCounterType t, GString *dest);
LI_API gchar *li_ev_backend_string(guint backend);
LI_API void li_string_destroy_notify(gpointer str);
/* expects a pointer to a 32bit value */
LI_API guint li_hash_ipv4(gconstpointer key);
/* expects a pointer to a 128bit value */
LI_API guint li_hash_ipv6(gconstpointer key);
/* converts a sock_addr to a human readable string. ipv4 and ipv6 supported. if dest is NULL, a new string will be allocated */
LI_API GString *li_sockaddr_to_string(liSocketAddress addr, GString *dest, gboolean showport);
LI_API liSocketAddress li_sockaddr_from_string(GString *str, guint tcp_default_port);
LI_API liSocketAddress li_sockaddr_local_from_socket(gint fd);
LI_API liSocketAddress li_sockaddr_remote_from_socket(gint fd);
LI_API void li_sockaddr_clear(liSocketAddress *saddr);
LI_API void li_gstring_replace_char_with_str_len(GString *gstr, gchar c, gchar *str, guint len);
LI_API gboolean li_strncase_equal(GString *str, const gchar *s, guint len);
LI_API GString *li_string_assign_len(GString *string, const gchar *val, gssize len);
LI_API gboolean li_string_prefix(GString *str, const gchar *s, gsize len);
LI_API gboolean li_string_suffix(GString *str, const gchar *s, gsize len);
LI_API void li_string_append_int(GString *dest, gint64 val);
LI_API gsize li_dirent_buf_size(DIR * dirp);
/* error log helper functions */
LI_API const char *li_remove_path(const char *path);
#define LI_REMOVE_PATH(file) li_remove_path(file)
#define LI_REMOVE_PATH(file) file
#define LI_SYS_ERROR li_sys_error_quark()
LI_API GQuark li_sys_error_quark();
#define LI_SET_SYS_ERROR(error, msg) \
_li_set_sys_error(error, msg, REMOVE_PATH(__FILE__), __LINE__);
LI_API gboolean _li_set_sys_error(GError **error, const gchar *msg, const gchar *file, int lineno);