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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
struct value {
value_type type;
union {
gboolean boolean;
gint64 number;
GString *string;
/* array of (value*) */
GArray *list;
/* hash GString => value */
GHashTable *hash;
struct {
server *srv; /* needed for destruction */
action *action;
} val_action;
struct {
server *srv; /* needed for destruction */
condition *cond;
} val_cond;
} data;
LI_API value* value_new_none();
LI_API value* value_new_bool(gboolean val);
LI_API value* value_new_number(gint64 val);
LI_API value* value_new_string(GString *val);
LI_API value* value_new_list();
LI_API value* value_new_hash();
LI_API value* value_new_action(server *srv, action *a);
LI_API value* value_new_condition(server *srv, condition *c);
LI_API value* value_copy(value* val);
LI_API void value_free(value* val);
LI_API const char* value_type_string(value_type type);
LI_API GString *value_to_string(value *val);
LI_API void value_list_free(GArray *vallist);