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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
#define INIT_FUNC(x) \
LI_EXPORT void * x(server *srv, plugin *)
#define PLUGIN_DATA \
size_t id; \
ssize_t option_base_ndx
typedef void (*PluginInit) (server *srv, plugin *p);
typedef void (*PluginFree) (server *srv, plugin *p);
typedef gboolean (*PluginParseOption) (server *srv, plugin *p, size_t ndx, value *val, option_value *oval);
typedef void (*PluginFreeOption) (server *srv, plugin *p, size_t ndx, option_value oval);
typedef action* (*PluginCreateAction) (server *srv, plugin *p, value *val);
typedef gboolean (*PluginSetup) (server *srv, plugin *p, value *val);
typedef void (*PluginHandleClose) (connection *con, plugin *p);
typedef handler_t(*PluginHandleVRequest)(vrequest *vr, plugin *p);
typedef void (*PluginHandleVRClose) (vrequest *vr, plugin *p);
struct plugin {
size_t version;
const gchar *name; /**< name of the plugin */
guint id; /**< index in some plugin arrays */
gpointer data; /**< private plugin data */
size_t opt_base_index;
PluginFree free; /**< called before plugin is unloaded */
PluginHandleVRequest handle_request_body;
/** called for every plugin after connection got closed (response end, reset by peer, error)
* the plugins code must not depend on any order of plugins loaded
PluginHandleClose handle_close;
/** called for every plugin after vrequest got reset */
PluginHandleVRClose handle_vrclose;
const plugin_option *options;
const plugin_action *actions;
const plugin_setup *setups;
struct plugin_option {
const gchar *name;
value_type type;
gpointer default_value;
PluginParseOption parse_option;
PluginFreeOption free_option;
struct plugin_action {
const gchar *name;
PluginCreateAction create_action;
struct plugin_setup {
const gchar *name;
PluginSetup setup;
/* Internal structures */
struct server_option {
plugin *p;
/** the value is freed with value_free after the parse call, so you
* probably want to extract the content via value_extract*
* val is zero to get the global default value if nothing is specified
* save result in value
* Default behaviour (NULL) is to extract the inner value from val
PluginParseOption parse_option;
/** the free_option handler has to free all allocated resources;
* it may get called with 0 initialized options, so you have to
* check the value.
PluginFreeOption free_option;
/** if parse_option is NULL, the default_value is used; it is only used
* for the following value types:
* - BOOLEAN, NUMBER: casted with GPOINTER_TO_INT, i.e. set it with GINT_TO_POINTER
* the numbers are limited to the 32-bit range according to the glib docs
* - STRING: used for g_string_new, i.e. a const char*
gpointer default_value;
size_t index, module_index;
value_type type;
struct server_action {
plugin *p;
PluginCreateAction create_action;
struct server_setup {
plugin *p;
PluginSetup setup;
/* Needed by modules to register their plugin(s) */
LI_API plugin *plugin_register(server *srv, const gchar *name, PluginInit init);
/* Internal needed functions */
LI_API void plugin_free(server *srv, plugin *p);
LI_API void server_plugins_free(server *srv);
/** free val after call (val may be modified by parser) */
LI_API gboolean parse_option(server *srv, const char *name, value *val, option_set *mark);
LI_API void release_option(server *srv, option_set *mark); /**< Does not free the option_set memory */
LI_API void plugins_prepare_callbacks(server *srv);
LI_API void plugins_handle_close(connection *con);
LI_API void plugins_handle_vrclose(vrequest *vr);
/* Needed for config frontends */
/** For parsing 'somemod.option = "somevalue"', free value after call */
LI_API action* option_action(server *srv, const gchar *name, value *val);
/** For parsing 'somemod.action value', e.g. 'rewrite "/url" => "/destination"'
* free value after call
LI_API action* create_action(server *srv, const gchar *name, value *val);
/** For setup function, e.g. 'listen ""'; free value after call */
LI_API gboolean call_setup(server *srv, const char *name, value *val);
/** free val after call */
LI_API gboolean plugin_set_default_option(server *srv, const gchar* name, value *val);
/* needs vrequest *vr and plugin *p */
#define OPTION(idx) _OPTION(vr, p, idx)
#define _OPTION(vr, p, idx) (vr->options[p->opt_base_index + idx])
#define _OPTION_ABS(vr, idx) (vr->options[idx])