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Stefan Bühler 6fcfd96b53 Fix lua struct stat export 13 years ago
cmake cmake: put everything except main() into shared libraries 13 years ago
include/lighttpd Use less pointers in chunks, "inline" structures 13 years ago
src Fix lua struct stat export 13 years ago
.bzrignore Add ignores for automake files 13 years ago
CMakeLists.txt ke: Add unit tests 13 years ago
COPYING Added MIT license 14 years ago automake: fix make dist and module "lib" prefix 13 years ago Add automake 13 years ago mod_auth: add htdigest and htpasswd (no apr-md5) backend 13 years ago [waf] Make ragel mandatory in configure step 13 years ago
waf [waf] Reenable waf and update to 1.5.8 13 years ago
wscript Add max-connections check, set to max-fds/4 13 years ago