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#include <lighttpd/base.h>
#define perror(msg) g_error("(%s:%i) %s failed: %s", __FILE__, __LINE__, msg, g_strerror(errno))
#if 0
static liChunkQueue* cq_from_str(const gchar *s, size_t len) {
liChunkQueue *cq = li_chunkqueue_new();
li_chunkqueue_append_mem(cq, s, len);
return cq;
static void cq_load_str(liChunkQueue *cq, const gchar *s, size_t len) {
li_chunkqueue_append_mem(cq, s, len);
static void cq_assert_eq(liChunkQueue *cq, const gchar *s, size_t len) {
GString *buf = g_string_sized_new(cq->length);
g_assert(li_chunkqueue_extract_to(cq, cq->length, buf, NULL));
g_assert(0 == memcmp(s, buf->str, len));
g_string_free(buf, TRUE);
static void test_filter_chunked_decode(void) {
liChunkQueue *cq = li_chunkqueue_new(), *cq2 = li_chunkqueue_new();
liFilterChunkedDecodeState decode_state;
cq_load_str(cq, CONST_STR_LEN(
"01234567890123456789" "\r\n"
"0\r\nrandom foo: xx\r\n\r\n"
"xxx" /* next message */
cq->is_closed = TRUE;
memset(&decode_state, 0, sizeof(decode_state));
g_assert(li_filter_chunked_decode(NULL, cq2, cq, &decode_state));
cq_assert_eq(cq2, CONST_STR_LEN(
cq_assert_eq(cq, CONST_STR_LEN(
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
g_test_init(&argc, &argv, NULL);
g_test_add_func("/chunk/filter_chunked_decode", test_filter_chunked_decode);
return g_test_run();