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#include <lighttpd/angel_base.h>
typedef struct liPluginCoreConfig liPluginCoreConfig;
struct liPluginCoreConfig {
/* Load */
gboolean load_failed;
liInstanceConf *load_instconf;
GPtrArray *load_listen_masks;
/* Running */
liInstanceConf *instconf;
GPtrArray *listen_masks;
liInstance *inst;
GHashTable *listen_sockets;
ev_signal sig_hup;
typedef struct liPluginCoreListenMask liPluginCoreListenMask;
struct liPluginCoreListenMask {
enum {
} type;
union {
struct {
guint32 addr;
guint32 networkmask;
guint16 port;
} ipv4;
struct {
guint8 addr[16];
guint network;
guint16 port;
} ipv6;
struct {
GString *path;
} unix_socket;
} value;
LI_API gboolean li_plugin_core_init(liServer *srv);