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* Radix tree with 32bit key, lookup, insert and remove in O(32).
* This is where the bit magic happens.
struct RadixNode32 {
guint32 key;
guint32 mask;
gpointer data;
struct RadixNode32 *parent;
struct RadixNode32 *right;
struct RadixNode32 *left;
typedef struct RadixNode32 RadixNode32;
struct RadixTree32 {
RadixNode32 **root;
guint32 size;
guint32 root_width;
guint32 root_mask;
typedef struct RadixTree32 RadixTree32;
LI_API RadixTree32 *radixtree32_new(guint32 root_width);
LI_API guint32 radixtree32_free(RadixTree32 *tree);
LI_API void radixtree32_insert(RadixTree32 *tree, guint32 key, guint32 mask, gpointer data);
LI_API gboolean radixtree32_remove(RadixTree32 *tree, guint32 key, guint32 mask);
/* lookup tree node (best match) */
LI_API RadixNode32 *radixtree32_lookup_node(RadixTree32 *tree, guint32 key);
/* lookup data pointer (best match) */
LI_API gpointer radixtree32_lookup(RadixTree32 *tree, guint32 key);
/* lookup data pointer (exact match) */
LI_API gpointer radixtree32_lookup_exact(RadixTree32 *tree, guint32 key);
struct RadixNode128 {
guint32 key[4];
guint32 mask[3];
gpointer data;
struct RadixNode128 *parent;
struct RadixNode128 *right;
struct RadixNode128 *left;
typedef struct RadixNode128 RadixNode128;
struct RadixTree128 {
RadixNode128 **root;
guint64 size;
guint32 root_width;
guint32 root_mask;
LI_api RadixTree128 *radixtree128_new(guint32 root_width);
LI_API guint radixtree128_free(RadixTree128 *tree);
LI_API void radixtree128_insert(RadixTree128 *tree, guint32 *key, guint32 *mask, gpointer data);
LI_API gboolean radixtree128_remove(RadixTree128 *tree, guint32 *key, guint32 *mask);
LI_API gpointer radixtree128_lookup(RadixTree128 *tree, guint32 *key);