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.TH lighttpd2 "8" "2010-08-24" "" ""
lighttpd \- a fast, secure and flexible web server
\fBlighttpd2\fP [\fB\-nvh\fP] \fB\-c\fP \fIconfigfile\fP [\fB\-m\fP \fImoduledir\fP] [\fB\--pid-file\fP \fIpidfile\fP]
\fBlighttpd\fP (pronounced 'lighty') is an advanced HTTP daemon that aims
to be secure, fast, compliant and very flexible. It has been optimized for
high performance. Its feature set includes, but is not limited to, FastCGI,
CGI, basic and digest HTTP authentication, output compression, URL rewriting.
The angel is used to keep the worker running and for other tasks where root
permissions are needed (opening network sockets, ...)
This manual page only lists the command line arguments. For details
on how to configure \fBlighttpd\fP and its modules see the online documentation:
The following options are supported:
.TP 8
\fB\-c, --config\ \fP \fIconfigfile\fP
Load configuration file \fIconfigfile\fP.
.TP 8
\fB\-m, --module-dir\ \fP \fImoduledir\fP
as the directory that contains modules, instead of the default.
.TP 8
\fB\-n, --no-daemon\fP
Do not daemonize (go into background). The default is to daemonize; but we
recommend using -n in combination with daemontools or runit.
.TP 8
\fB\--pid-file\ \fP \fIpidfile\fP
Location of the pid file (only valid in daemon mode).
.TP 8
\fB\-v, --version\fP
Show version and exit.
.TP 8
\fB\-h, --help, -?\fP
Show a brief help message and exit.
Online Documentation:
Jan Kneschke <>
Stefan Buehler <>
Thomas Porzelt <>