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Stefan Bühler 98ea1dc7de [contrib] add overrides for new mime types, regenerate mimetypes.conf
Change-Id: I6e0116b1f227c96eb98a6e45300030bc5cde72fd
2 years ago
Stefan Bühler ca446911ef [mimetypes.conf] add text/markdown to utf-8 list, regenerate mimetypes.conf
Change-Id: I653b49a49f348224f6b29d76194cf1061968b494
6 years ago
Stefan Bühler 3f7de3b51a mimetypes.conf: add some new mime types, remove .dat, .sha1, .md5, update .vcf
- create-mimetypes.conf.pl: also parse lines with upper case characters
- rerun create-mimetypes.conf.pl with debian mime-support 3.58

Change-Id: I8a6e91b8cc879158d5cd8931630a67db4d5a0dd2
8 years ago
Stefan Bühler 72d4578e70 [doc] add script to generate mimetypes.conf 9 years ago