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Stefan Bühler b033a4fcb4 [test] enable TestRedirectDirWithQueryAndSpecialChars
Change-Id: Ic649c1e4ea158853c362836f31f6ec7e250413cd
2021-05-03 23:26:51 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 140a3c9018 fix refcount issue: don't drop rc in li_iostream_reset
... so li_stream_simple_socket_close doesn't need to acquire (when the rc might already be 0).

Instead call li_iostream_reset in all places that didn't acquire before,
and drop the acquire.

Change-Id: I347f49eb57989738ed811a1f3a31b8942ff32881
2021-05-03 23:24:48 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 850aea7a5d [build] enable all "main" features by default
Change-Id: I9bf8ee3f4bfc6736f5fc5aea6b3958ee298c65d6
2021-02-28 20:02:44 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 21865cbbd2 [autobuild] install and use glib tap helpers, replaces gtester
Change-Id: I889eba5be61a1c2b89f9f53b38abbba201625b6b
2021-02-28 19:53:38 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 2a4744a677 [autobuild] raise autoconf min version, fix various deprecated macros
Change-Id: Ic7ae8f7bb0720ba4e6b965f1951f091cf03f6b83
2021-02-28 19:35:24 +01:00
Stefan Bühler c8bf635551 [tests] fix memcached and scgi-envcheck for python3; use asyncio
Change-Id: If3be7d98701d90c0374f625d1571140a100009df
2021-02-28 16:24:14 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 98ea1dc7de [contrib] add overrides for new mime types, regenerate mimetypes.conf
Change-Id: I6e0116b1f227c96eb98a6e45300030bc5cde72fd
2021-02-28 13:58:45 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 424e1a37f8 [core] Reset con->out (response body) queue counters (used by mod_accesslog) for keep-alive
Change-Id: Id644a71c808c8a3c73e476fddb6022177de8dd5f
2021-02-28 12:38:33 +00:00
Stefan Bühler d544ee105d [core] docs say empty log targets request not logging; actually implement that (went to stderr)
Change-Id: If71dc0b309c4e8221ecef877202d9a1a571ad5c6
2021-02-28 13:28:00 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 7a343d4765 [mod_acceslog]: fix log target reference in docs
Change-Id: If390d666db5e4952a64d545eb77ddf6e8f7ed9df
2021-02-28 11:45:03 +01:00
Stefan Bühler a5d3e11c1f [tests] add tests for mod_dirlist
Change-Id: I5d6ea970cd5dca7e202c8bd888142e44ef8f4211
2020-06-22 20:38:47 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 76fccefc84 [core] encode path in li_vrequest_redirect_directory
To handle whitespace and ? (and other special chars).

Change-Id: Ie597c1d784d42dba70dd21650f5fc9770e9e6547
2020-06-22 20:36:58 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 51a7fd577c [core]: fix query string handling in li_vrequest_redirect_directory (dirlist, index)
- use decoded path instead of orig raw path (which includes the query
  string); the decoded path should be safe, and we also really don't
  need to support any "raw" handling - we're at the filesystem level

Change-Id: Ic9a5b362bea9813873631b18aaa908c59f2bb0a6
2020-06-22 20:27:41 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 92681fcde4 [tests] fix PrepareDir
Change-Id: Idb26de002ad1586101c9e9bdb0256170b8e287b9
2020-06-22 19:59:43 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 505bfb053f [core] move CGI environment creation to core
Change-Id: Ia826381365a04352249321097fda57f704984821
2019-08-31 13:48:17 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 8989ca32d4 [mod_{fast,s}cgi] support REQUEST_SCHEME cgi variable
Change-Id: I4750086962ee50a530694309ec8a6165eddabcf3
2019-08-31 13:08:11 +02:00
Stefan Bühler afaf285bfb [core] fix chunk decoding bug: reused stale context after forwarding chunk data
Change-Id: Ie37e3c2d605ae23dcb7a6b74ff6b5f0699074ac5
2019-08-26 00:36:59 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 7078063491 [core] fix parsing of chunk digits
Change-Id: I8fd5b916172c432b63329078e261a8ed5eff23dc
2019-08-26 00:15:27 +02:00
Stefan Bühler a41b92eb8a [core] fix segfault in http response streaming
Change-Id: I61a0167d8a7fdede96075960f5099b33c0a8ab02
2019-08-25 19:25:02 +02:00
Stefan Bühler d8bd405a19 [core] fix crash when HTTP backend "Upgrade"s
Change-Id: If7143f49baa2efa8d1fb3f78c6390969730c678e
2019-08-25 13:07:49 +02:00
Stefan Bühler bffe96f5d0 [build] sync extra warning flags between cmake and autobuild
Change-Id: I4165d22ef944b959f9acd8f57c3d7658049b39f0
2019-08-25 12:16:19 +02:00
Stefan Bühler d167e6e416 [core/mod_proxy] support http backends trying to run keep-alive
Even if they shouldn't (due to HTTP/1.0 or Connection; close) some
backends send HTTP/1.1 without Connection: close, and use Content-Length
to signal end of response (and don't close the connection, as they wait
for another request).

Now Content-Length is used to find the end of the response (chunked
transfer-encoding was already supported).

mod_proxy now signals HTTP/1.1, but also sends "Connection: close": it
doesn't reuse the connection yet.

Change-Id: Ica0c9b3b7da79899412a746f21e7348ccd3d23ee
2019-08-25 11:45:18 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 52566836a0 [core] fix fallthrough annotation for gcc
Change-Id: I3130f87b0709055d1f496961f7bd8167329e2c46
2019-08-25 11:45:18 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 16ccf1d307 [tests] show error log of failed tests
Change-Id: Iaee7559a0526cdb4a8d337d003a79062ff912dce
2019-08-25 11:45:18 +02:00
Stefan Bühler f60b53bd44 [tests] build custom http backend server, require python3 for socketserver
Change-Id: Id4deaad74799a8cc2454869e941e7a00106d25cd
2019-08-25 01:22:55 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 9263deaeef [tests] python3 compability
Change-Id: I09c8eaf0cbe4a74b795aeb2a3b04f0abc39383c8
2019-08-24 23:35:45 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 8643cafa22 [core] fix log level of connection: (backend) response header parsing
Change-Id: Idd8263ccf19bf60df10cf22fa8c7037615171c35
2019-08-24 23:35:40 +02:00
Stefan Bühler f66defba93 [doc] mod_fastcgi: extend php fastcgi example with physical file test
Change-Id: I061278e2bd588d27f57be8b6711d470161a955cc
2019-06-27 21:19:07 +02:00
Stefan Bühler bda1a90f27 [core] add strict.post_content_length option
Change-Id: Ie9d67eceed7e957b667554925d562018a3217209
2018-09-08 23:12:22 +02:00
Stefan Bühler bc6b256c34 [core] use readdir instead of readdir_r
readdir_r is deprecated in glibc due to serious memory handling issues
in the API: one cannot pass the size of the allocated dirent.

glibc authors claims readdir is thread-safe in modern implementations,
and expect POSIX to require it in a future version.

No way to check whether readdir is thread-safe though :(

("thread-safe" in this context means different directory streams, which
is good enough.)

Also remove li_dirent_buf_size.

Change-Id: Ia5eae3327e97dc4b0751fb2604ea21c0ce09a5f9
2017-07-29 15:25:55 +02:00
Stefan Bühler b3dcc9662e [mod_openssl] fix C90 mixed declarations and code warning
Change-Id: I04f5e5dba87b7174eb5e93d18bddb5fb0ba717e9
2017-07-29 15:06:39 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 04e54a4388 [mod_openssl] fix crash with libressl or openssl < 1.1
Change-Id: I920ab1e4bc36df8396dcbf3d5777af32ae273a8b
2017-07-29 14:59:50 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 8c68b120da [mod_gnutls] support OCSP responses in sni backends
Change-Id: I7ec08bf6e414140b53019885eb906bdfe3251a2e
2017-07-26 09:46:13 +02:00
Stefan Bühler e0e96ae377 [plugin_core] fix segfault in fetch.files_static init
Change-Id: Icbc8e1440ea35b80a25e600e4a1bd913cafc72f1
2017-07-26 08:16:36 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 808cdf301b handle ENAMETOOLONG in various places
  - static, flv: return 414
  - dirlist, pathinfo: treat as not-existing (i.e. no handling)
- also return 500 instead of closing the connection when stat/open
  fails an unhandled error
- explicit return instead of switch-case fallthrough (no semantic
  change) in actions.c

Change-Id: I1e2dd721dd18544500b4436ada843cb6e7f2db72
2017-05-20 15:48:36 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 863b433aa6 [doc build] remove markdown support
- bluecloth is dead, and was dropped from debian
- markdown wasn't used in any doc

Change-Id: I61f51724a5abbae6cc0e4cbf993873b59b6e563d
2017-05-20 14:04:21 +02:00
Stefan Bühler f6990a9d8a [plugin_core] support patterns in alias target
Change-Id: Ic77080dc5d7e1821832d10b56366cc79d0ff8a6a
2017-05-12 13:32:32 +02:00
Stefan Bühler ca446911ef [mimetypes.conf] add text/markdown to utf-8 list, regenerate mimetypes.conf
Change-Id: I653b49a49f348224f6b29d76194cf1061968b494
2017-01-02 17:09:39 +01:00
Stefan Bühler c8b27d7462 [mod_openssl] fix warnings and compile breaks with openssl 1.1.0
Change-Id: Ia69e8192004208a9e55246196b5b64d39cd53a66
2017-01-02 17:06:34 +01:00
Simon Lundström 64096982fa [mod_openssl/doc] Update links to man pages
Change-Id: I4f6fc1bca8ac7a4145b792fe7cb6fd57e4edcff6
2016-11-30 20:29:06 +01:00
Simon Lundström a4804cbd93 Add NO_TLSv1_1 and higher options
Change-Id: I69b675a8b41f84b9e786bc2ce1b9661fbd76cbd4
2016-11-30 19:42:18 +01:00
Stefan Bühler 3d2880258d [mod_gnutls] workaround gnutls API breakage, and prepare for future ones
Change-Id: I1b97aa31fd1a7adb0107761d05bf81a4509e9fc9
2016-10-21 20:08:41 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 9926bef92e [mod_gnutls/doc] more details which certificates are needed for OCSP
Change-Id: I1f7004bf2182f8023f19c0e3d2e3f5dee4968a9b
2016-09-02 12:08:32 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 85f3a1da1a [doc] decode HTML entities in code/markdown/textile blocks
- simulates an implicit "<![CDATA[ ... ]]>" mode
- if the blocks consists of a single CDATA node entities are not decoded;
  instead the CDATA content is used directly.

Change-Id: Ifc25d4ae49518d6d219a70d5760c214cafe0ed46
2016-09-02 12:07:13 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 98a14017a5 [mod_gnutls/docs] ocsptool is the ocsp tool
Change-Id: Iffd5e1488131c99877971e935c798a2371fe3209
2016-08-28 01:11:12 +02:00
Stefan Bühler fc0119720e [mod_gnutls] use gnutls_pem_base64_decode_alloc instead of gnutls_pem_base64_decode2 (compat name for old versions)
Change-Id: Id07d9d38ac809b4116b04debba41cd7351ebd40b
2016-08-27 20:19:53 +02:00
Stefan Bühler dca42093b1 [core] disable strict-alias warnings for libev wrappers
Change-Id: I6bea24eb35838e91cc3c3cc6a6f94664c7446533
2016-08-27 20:00:09 +02:00
Stefan Bühler d72a3c2940 [mod_gnutls] add basic OCSP response stapling support
Change-Id: I700b2afd0e0fc60ce4f864e77166e3fa2e36aaae
2016-08-27 19:55:25 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 7fb0148348 [mod_gnutls] use only pin callback, don't pass pin as parameter
- also check for number of attempts instead of flags,
  the same the gnutls internal callback is doing when a
  password is passed

Change-Id: I84f5a0c7a4e3aea6f55b7b28c2f57019128351c7
2016-08-27 14:00:43 +02:00
Stefan Bühler 6a0e57ec8f [parsers] fix unused variable warnings
Change-Id: Ifc0210235ada102e2dbcba23e1179e87b973510f
2016-08-27 11:32:23 +02:00