1599 Revīzijas (master)

Autors SHA1 Ziņojums Datums
  Stefan Bühler a5d3e11c1f [tests] add tests for mod_dirlist pirms 3 mēnešiem
  Stefan Bühler 76fccefc84 [core] encode path in li_vrequest_redirect_directory pirms 3 mēnešiem
  Stefan Bühler 51a7fd577c [core]: fix query string handling in li_vrequest_redirect_directory (dirlist, index) pirms 3 mēnešiem
  Stefan Bühler 92681fcde4 [tests] fix PrepareDir pirms 3 mēnešiem
  Stefan Bühler 505bfb053f [core] move CGI environment creation to core pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 8989ca32d4 [mod_{fast,s}cgi] support REQUEST_SCHEME cgi variable pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler afaf285bfb [core] fix chunk decoding bug: reused stale context after forwarding chunk data pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 7078063491 [core] fix parsing of chunk digits pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler a41b92eb8a [core] fix segfault in http response streaming pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler d8bd405a19 [core] fix crash when HTTP backend "Upgrade"s pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler bffe96f5d0 [build] sync extra warning flags between cmake and autobuild pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler d167e6e416 [core/mod_proxy] support http backends trying to run keep-alive pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 52566836a0 [core] fix fallthrough annotation for gcc pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 16ccf1d307 [tests] show error log of failed tests pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler f60b53bd44 [tests] build custom http backend server, require python3 for socketserver pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 9263deaeef [tests] python3 compability pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler 8643cafa22 [core] fix log level of connection: (backend) response header parsing pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler f66defba93 [doc] mod_fastcgi: extend php fastcgi example with physical file test pirms 1 gada
  Stefan Bühler bda1a90f27 [core] add strict.post_content_length option pirms 2 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler bc6b256c34 [core] use readdir instead of readdir_r pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler b3dcc9662e [mod_openssl] fix C90 mixed declarations and code warning pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 04e54a4388 [mod_openssl] fix crash with libressl or openssl < 1.1 pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 8c68b120da [mod_gnutls] support OCSP responses in sni backends pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler e0e96ae377 [plugin_core] fix segfault in fetch.files_static init pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 808cdf301b handle ENAMETOOLONG in various places pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 863b433aa6 [doc build] remove markdown support pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler f6990a9d8a [plugin_core] support patterns in alias target pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler ca446911ef [mimetypes.conf] add text/markdown to utf-8 list, regenerate mimetypes.conf pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler c8b27d7462 [mod_openssl] fix warnings and compile breaks with openssl 1.1.0 pirms 3 gadiem
  Simon Lundström 64096982fa [mod_openssl/doc] Update links to man pages pirms 3 gadiem
  Simon Lundström a4804cbd93 Add NO_TLSv1_1 and higher options pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 3d2880258d [mod_gnutls] workaround gnutls API breakage, and prepare for future ones pirms 3 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 9926bef92e [mod_gnutls/doc] more details which certificates are needed for OCSP pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 85f3a1da1a [doc] decode HTML entities in code/markdown/textile blocks pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 98a14017a5 [mod_gnutls/docs] ocsptool is the ocsp tool pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler fc0119720e [mod_gnutls] use gnutls_pem_base64_decode_alloc instead of gnutls_pem_base64_decode2 (compat name for old versions) pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler dca42093b1 [core] disable strict-alias warnings for libev wrappers pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler d72a3c2940 [mod_gnutls] add basic OCSP response stapling support pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 7fb0148348 [mod_gnutls] use only pin callback, don't pass pin as parameter pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 6a0e57ec8f [parsers] fix unused variable warnings pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler f17a221cd8 use _DEFAULT_SOURCE instead of _BSD_SOURCE pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 130f14a3ea [config] expect exactly one comma between list entries pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler a1340123be [cmake] handle include directories separately pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 3a4698d6b9 [pattern] fix all calls of li_pattern_eval to provide latest regex match pirms 4 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler d2c6a28d97 use g_assert instead of g_assert_true for older glib2 versions pirms 5 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler c9a3764f12 [ssl] don't exit early when there is no data to write; otherwise EOS stream handling is not triggered pirms 5 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 909626691e ignore CMakeLists.txt.user (qtcreator) pirms 5 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler f527a16138 [debug] provide more unique event names for waitqueues pirms 5 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 535f6b4afb [streams] improve stream handling, hopefully fixes bug with lingering backend connections pirms 5 gadiem
  Stefan Bühler 4375aba174 [request parser] adapt whitespace removal from response parser, fixes bug removing last character if CR was missing pirms 5 gadiem