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add spaces in waitqueue.h for readability

Thomas Porzelt 2009-03-04 02:51:21 +01:00
parent 9a23f4465d
commit 004dfc1bf6
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@ -29,14 +29,19 @@ struct waitqueue {
/* initializes a waitqueue by creating and starting the ev_timer. precision is sub-seconds */
LI_API void waitqueue_init(waitqueue *queue, struct ev_loop *loop, waitqueue_cb callback, gdouble delay, gpointer data);
/* stops the waitqueue. to restart it, simply call waitqueue_update */
LI_API void waitqueue_stop(waitqueue *queue);
/* updates the timeout of the waitqueue, you should allways call this at the end of your callback */
LI_API void waitqueue_update(waitqueue *queue);
/* moves the element to the end of the queue if already queued, appends it to the end otherwise */
LI_API void waitqueue_push(waitqueue *queue, waitqueue_elem *elem);
/* pops the first ready! element from the queue or NULL if none ready yet. this should be called in your callback */
LI_API waitqueue_elem *waitqueue_pop(waitqueue *queue);
/* removes an element from the queue */
LI_API void waitqueue_remove(waitqueue *queue, waitqueue_elem *elem);