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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module xmlns="">
<short>loads quotes (aka fortune coookies) from a file and provides actions to add a random quote as response header (X-fortune) or display it as a page.</short>
<setup name="fortune.load">
<short>loads cookies from a file, can be called multiple times to load data from multiple files</short>
<parameter name="filename">
<short>the file to load the cookies from </short>
<action name="fortune.header">
<short>adds a random quote as response header "X-fortune".</short>
<action name="">
<short>shows a random cookie as response text</short>
setup {
module_load "mod_fortune";
fortune.load "/var/www/fortunes.txt";
if req.path == "/fortune" {;
} else {