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/* write/read data from/to a buffer (GString) (binary)
* this is not meant to be the most performant way to do this,
* as communication with the angel shouldn't happen to often anyway.
* Please never send "user" data to the angel (i.e. do not implement
* something like a mod_cgi via sending the request data to the angel;
* instead use the angel to spawn a fastcgi backend (or something similar)
* and send the request via a socket to the backend directly.
/* angel obviously doesn't work across platforms, so we don't need
* to care about endianess
/* The buffer may be bigger of course, but a single string should not
* exceed this length: */
#define LI_ANGEL_DATA_MAX_STR_LEN 1024 /* must fit into a gint32 */
/* Needed for reading data */
typedef struct liAngelBuffer liAngelBuffer;
struct liAngelBuffer {
GString *data;
gsize pos;
/* error handling */
2009-07-09 20:17:24 +00:00
#define LI_ANGEL_DATA_ERROR li_angel_data_error_quark()
LI_API GQuark li_angel_data_error_quark();
typedef enum {
LI_ANGEL_DATA_ERROR_EOF, /* not enough data to read value */
LI_ANGEL_DATA_ERROR_INVALID_STRING_LENGTH, /* invalid string length read from buffer (< 0 || > max-str-len) */
LI_ANGEL_DATA_ERROR_STRING_TOO_LONG /* string too long (len > max-str-len) */
} liAngelDataError;
/* write */
2009-07-09 20:17:24 +00:00
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_write_int32(GString *buf, gint32 i, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_write_int64(GString *buf, gint64 i, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_write_char (GString *buf, gchar c, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_write_str (GString *buf, const GString *str, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_write_cstr (GString *buf, const gchar *str, gsize len, GError **err);
/* read:
* - if the val pointer is NULL, the data will be discarded
* - reading strings: if *val != NULL *val will be reused;
* otherwise a new GString* will be created
* - *val will only be modified if no error is returned
2009-07-09 20:17:24 +00:00
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_read_int32(liAngelBuffer *buf, gint32 *val, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_read_int64(liAngelBuffer *buf, gint64 *val, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_read_char (liAngelBuffer *buf, gchar *val, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_read_str (liAngelBuffer *buf, GString **val, GError **err);
LI_API gboolean li_angel_data_read_mem (liAngelBuffer *buf, GString **val, gsize len, GError **err);