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<chapter xmlns="" title="Introduction" order="a01_introduction">
<section title="Running lighttpd2">
You need two config files for lighttpd, which are usually in the following two locations:
* "@/etc/lighttpd2/lighttpd.conf@": the main config, see "Main Configuration":core_config.html#core_config. It can be splitted into multiple files, see "Includes":core_config.html#core_config__includes.
* "@/etc/lighttpd2/angel.conf@": the angel config, see "Angel Configuration":core_config_angel.html#core_config_angel.
The "@contrib/@": directory in the sources includes example config files.
Then start lighttpd2 with:
<pre>/usr/sbin/lighttpd2 -c /etc/lighttpd2/angel.conf</pre>
The process will not fork into background, you need to do that yourself if you want that.
Our recommended way to run lighttpd2 is "runit": (have a look at the "@contrib/service@": directory).