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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
typedef enum {
NETWORK_STATUS_SUCCESS, /**< some IO was actually done (read/write) or cq was empty for write */
NETWORK_STATUS_WAIT_FOR_EVENT, /**< read/write returned -1 with errno=EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK; no real IO was done */
NETWORK_STATUS_WAIT_FOR_AIO_EVENT, /**< nothing done yet, read/write will be done somewhere else */
NETWORK_STATUS_WAIT_FOR_FD, /**< need a fd to open a file */
} network_status_t;
/** repeats write after EINTR */
LI_API ssize_t net_write(int fd, void *buf, ssize_t nbyte);
/** repeats read after EINTR */
LI_API ssize_t net_read(int fd, void *buf, ssize_t nbyte);
LI_API network_status_t network_write(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq);
LI_API network_status_t network_read(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq);
/* use writev for mem chunks, buffered read/write for files */
LI_API network_status_t network_write_writev(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq, goffset *write_max);
/* use sendfile for files, writev for mem chunks */
LI_API network_status_t network_write_sendfile(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq, goffset *write_max);
/* write backends */
LI_API network_status_t network_backend_write(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq, goffset *write_max);
LI_API network_status_t network_backend_writev(vrequest *vr, int fd, chunkqueue *cq, goffset *write_max);
#define NETWORK_FALLBACK(f, write_max) do { \
network_status_t res; \
switch(res = f(vr, fd, cq, write_max)) { \
break; \
default: \
return res; \
} \
} while(0)