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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
typedef enum {
/* waiting for request headers */
/* all headers received, now handling them, set up input filters
* this state is set by the previous vrequest after VRS_WROTE_RESPONSE_HEADERS (or the main connection),
* and the handle_request function is called (which execute the action stack by default)
/* request headers handled, input filters ready; now content is accepted
* this state is set via handle_indirect (handle_direct skips to VRS_HANDLE_RESPONSE_HEADERS
/* all response headers written, now set up output filters */
/* output filters ready, content can be written */
/* request done */
2008-11-18 10:03:59 +00:00
/* VRS_END, */
} vrequest_state;
typedef handler_t (*filter_handler)(vrequest *vr, filter *f, plugin *p);
typedef handler_t (*vrequest_handler)(vrequest *vr);
struct filter {
chunkqueue *in, *out;
plugin *p;
filter_handler handle;
struct filters {
GPtrArray *queue;
chunkqueue *in, *out;
gboolean pending, waitforevent, waitforfd;
struct connection;
struct vrequest {
struct connection *con;
option_value *options;
vrequest_state state;
handle_request_headers, handle_request_body,
handle_response_headers, handle_response_body,
handle_response_error; /* this is _not_ for 500 - internal error */
GPtrArray *plugin_ctx;
request request;
physical physical;
response response;
/* -> vr_in -> filters_in -> in -> handle -> out -> filters_out -> vr_out -> */
gboolean cq_memory_limit_hit; /* stop feeding chunkqueues with memory chunks */
filters filters_in, filters_out;
chunkqueue *vr_in, *vr_out;
chunkqueue *in, *out;
action_stack action_stack;
gboolean actions_wait_for_response;
LI_API vrequest* vrequest_new(struct connection *con, vrequest_handler handle_response_headers, vrequest_handler handle_response_body, vrequest_handler handle_response_error, vrequest_handler handle_request_headers);
LI_API void vrequest_free(vrequest *vr);
LI_API void vrequest_reset(vrequest *vr);
LI_API void vrequest_error(vrequest *vr);
/* received all request headers */
LI_API void vrequest_handle_request_headers(vrequest *vr);
/* received (partial) request content */
LI_API void vrequest_handle_request_body(vrequest *vr);
/* received all response headers/status code - call once from your indirect handler */
LI_API void vrequest_handle_response_headers(vrequest *vr);
/* received (partial) response content - call from your indirect handler */
LI_API void vrequest_handle_response_body(vrequest *vr);
/* response completely ready */
LI_API gboolean vrequest_handle_direct(vrequest *vr);
/* handle request over time */
LI_API gboolean vrequest_handle_indirect(vrequest *vr, vrequest_handler handle_request_body);
LI_API void vrequest_state_machine(vrequest *vr);
LI_API void vrequest_joblist_append(vrequest *vr);