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#include "settings.h"
LI_API void fatal(const gchar* msg);
LI_API void fd_init(int fd);
LI_API void ev_io_add_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
LI_API void ev_io_rem_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
LI_API void ev_io_set_events(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_io *watcher, int events);
/* URL inplace decode: replace %XX with character \xXX; replace control characters with '_' (< 32 || == 127) */
LI_API void url_decode(GString *path);
LI_API void path_simplify(GString *path);
/* returns the description for a given http status code and sets the len to the length of the returned string */
LI_API gchar *http_status_string(guint status_code, guint *len);
/* converts a given 3 digit http status code to a gchar[3] string. e.g. 403 to {'4','0','3'} */
LI_API void http_status_to_str(gint status_code, gchar status_str[]);
/* */
LI_API gchar counter_format(guint64 *count, guint factor);
LI_API gchar *ev_backend_string(guint backend);
LI_API void string_destroy_notify(gpointer str);
/* expects a pointer to a 32bit value */
LI_API guint hash_ipv4(gconstpointer key);
/* expects a pointer to a 128bit value */
LI_API guint hash_ipv6(gconstpointer key);