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FastCGI Internals
Module: fastcgi
:Author: Jan Kneschke
:Date: $Date: 2004/08/01 07:01:29 $
:Revision: $Revision: 1.1 $
This is a short summary of the state-engine which is driving the FastCGI
module. It describes the basic concepts and the way the different parts
of the module are connected.
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:keywords: lighttpd, state-engine, fastcgi
.. contents:: Table of Contents
The state-engine is currently made of 6 states which are walk-through on
the way each connection.
prepare fastcgi-connection
waiting for a connection
build the fastcgi-request
write the fastcgi-request to the network
read fastcgi-response from network and push it to the write-queue
terminate the connection
.. image:: fastcgi-state.png
connect, write and read may need to wait for an fdevent. That's the reason
for the loop in the state-diagram.