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Controlling the Expiration of Content in Caches
Module: mod_expire
:Author: Jan Kneschke
:Date: $Date: 2004/11/03 22:26:05 $
:Revision: $Revision: 1.2 $
mod_expire controls the setting of the the Expire Response header
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:keywords: lighttpd, expire
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mod_expire controls the Expire header in the Response Header of HTTP/1.0
messages. It is useful to set it for static files which should be cached
aggressivly like images, stylesheets or similar.
assign a expiration to all files below the specified path. The
specification of the time is made up of: ::
<access|modification> <number> <years|months|days|hours|minutes|seconds>
following the syntax used by mod_expire in Apache 1.3.x and later.
Example: ::
expire.url = ( "/images/" => "access 1 hour" )