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Running tests
$ make check
If run from tests/ dir, tests will fail to run tests if lighttpd not built.
If run from top level, 'make' will build lighttpd exectuable if not yet built,
and then will run tests.
Running individual tests programs
$ cd tests/
$ ./
then, for any particular *.t such as request.t,
$ ./request.t
$ VERBOSE=1 RUNTESTS=request ./
More information is output by tests with additional environment settings:
$ TRACE_HTTP=1 ./request.t
See before trying TRACEME
$ less
$ TRACEME=strace ./request.t # output to file 'strace'
$ TRACEME=truss ./request.t # output to file 'strace'
$ TRACEME=gdb ./request.t # not for interactive debugging (see below)
$ TRACEME=valgrind ./request.t
To reduce noise from valgrind --show-leak-kinds=all (or =reachable), avoid FAM.
Use server.stat-cache-engine = "simple" (not server.stat-cache-engine = "fam")
in lighttpd.conf. (FAM creates /usr/libexec/gam_server as child process.)
Running lighttpd server with a config from tests/*.conf
Each *.t loads the lighttpd server with one or more config files.
See each *.t for which config file is used, e.g. tests/lighttpd.conf
To run a specific config
repo=$PWD # from root of src repository
cd tests/
PERL=/usr/bin/perl SRCDIR=$repo/tests \
$repo/src/lighttpd -D -f lighttpd.conf -m $repo/src/.libs
The PERL, PHP, and SRCDIR environment variables are set by
when 'make check' is run. PERL and PHP can be set to paths to perl and php,
e.g. export PERL=/usr/bin/perl
To run a specific config under gdb
repo=$PWD # from root of src repository
cd tests/
PERL=/usr/bin/perl SRCDIR=$repo/tests \
gdb --args $repo/src/lighttpd -D -f lighttpd.conf -m $repo/src/.libs
(gdb) start
(gdb) ...
Hints and tips
Q: What do I do if tests fail with:
bind: Address already in use at line 429.
A: It is likely that something else on the machine is already using the port
that tests are trying to use to run a backend. Try exiting out of your web
browser and then run the tests again. (root can use 'netstat' or 'ss' to
find out which process is using the port.)
Additional documentation