12 Commits (f47ffb438c1944764442c0379378086f586b7325)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Glenn Strauss c75fd15d7a [build] remove tests/mod-userdir.t from builds 2 years ago
Glenn Strauss f03e5e239d [tests] t/test_keyvalue 4 years ago
Glenn Strauss 5a32d0f72a [mod_access] t/test_mod_access 4 years ago
Glenn Strauss b2a6239851 [mod_simple_vhost] t/test_mod_simple_vhost 4 years ago
Glenn Strauss 6ccccaaa38 [tests] move src/test_*.c to src/t/ 4 years ago
Glenn Strauss 4a68780e1b [mod_scgi] tests/mod-scgi.t unit tests 6 years ago
Glenn Strauss b11d059843 [cmake] build fcgi-auth, fcgi-responder for tests 6 years ago
Stefan Bühler 403afcd251 [cmake] lowercase commands, whitespace cleanup, remove clutter in else(...), endif(...), endforeach(...) 7 years ago
Stefan Bühler d7c90814c3 [tests] add cleanup.sh to cmake test runs, reset SLOWREQUEST in request.t 9 years ago
Stefan Bühler 95dc1ed79e [tests] add mod_simplevhost tests 9 years ago
Stefan Bühler 6200764f05 tests: check different combination of empty values, leading/trailing spaces and commas in the Connection header 10 years ago
Stefan Bühler 454aefc51a [cmake] Add basic cmake support 14 years ago