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Stefan Bühler 87c5ec9651 [tests] search for perl in PATH instead of /usr/bin; whitespace + test config cleanups 7 years ago
Peter Colberg 8b6dae4139 Add TLS servername indication (SNI) support (fixes #386, thx Peter Colberg <>) 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler b3ba9f0fb9 tests: use breakage log 13 years ago
Stefan Bühler 0c8ebbeb60 [tests] Fix fastcgi php finding 14 years ago
Stefan Bühler cbd40dc44b [tests] Remove pidfile from test system 14 years ago
Jan Kneschke 3bc2da57d3 fixed number of skipped tests 15 years ago
Jan Kneschke 3521657508 merged [1105] 16 years ago
Jan Kneschke f6257d9118 made the 'spawn php myself' working again for me (jan) 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 4fc9ee0f86 removed duplicate test-scripts, added a test for bin-copy-env and cleaned up configfiles 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 15b0109071 run tests in build root (merged #228) 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke 426880f0a2 removed warnings on empty response-body, added debug output to mod_proxy 17 years ago
Jan Kneschke bcdc6a3bbc moved everything below trunk/ and added branches/ and tags/ 18 years ago