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Glenn Strauss 0f38b391dc DragonFlyBSD defines __DragonFly__ (#2746)
DragonFlyBSD defines __DragonFly__, not __DragonflyBSD__

(thx xenu)

  "[PATCH] better DragonFlyBSD support; fix crash"
2016-10-04 05:03:15 -04:00
Glenn Strauss a661944d7e [mod_scgi] add uwsgi protocol support
Configuring the protocol is controlled with new lighttpd.conf directive:
  scgi.protocol = "scgi"   # default
  scgi.protocol = "uwsgi"

The uwsgi protocol differs from the SCGI protocol only in how the
request is encoded.  The response from the backend is handled the
same way for both SCGI and uwsgi protocols.

2016-09-25 02:05:56 -04:00