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Glenn Strauss 625d57b2d9 build] scripts/ remove --with-maxminddb
remove --with-maxminddb;
  maxminddb libs not currently part of our FreeBSD build images
2021-01-16 23:07:06 -05:00
Glenn Strauss 02c83d735c [build] scripts/ add --with-maxminddb 2021-01-16 22:52:32 -05:00
Glenn Strauss f23be1a116 [build] scripts/ adjustments
remove --with-mbedtls; mbedlts not currently part of our FreeBSD bld img
2021-01-16 16:53:02 -05:00
Glenn Strauss f0b74faa45 [build] scripts/ adjustments
remove --with-nss; nss libs not currently part of our FreeBSD build img
remove with_zstd=yes from SCons build, due to dependency on libpthread
2021-01-16 16:09:08 -05:00
Glenn Strauss 73cace9401 [build] scripts/ w/o --with-wolfssl
WolfSSL is not generally available in *BSD due to WolfSSL limitations.
(Might be revisited with the Dec 2020 release of WolfSSL 4.6.0)
2021-01-16 15:59:57 -05:00
Glenn Strauss f6c79fff94 [build] scripts/ --with-nettle 2021-01-16 15:53:11 -05:00
Glenn Strauss 2d94d56fe5 [build] update scripts/
* remove use of deprecated or obsolete packages on Linux, *BSD builds
  --with-attr --with-fam --with-geoip
* add zstd
* add multiple TLS options to build
  --with-gnutls --with-mbedtls --with-nss --with-openssl --with-wolfssl
  (leave one TLS option (openssl) for SCons static build)
2021-01-16 15:30:53 -05:00
Glenn Strauss 5d7071293a [build] add --with-brotli to CI build
(thx stbuehler)
2020-08-02 06:46:22 -04:00
Stefan Bühler 5722574df5 move to scripts 2020-07-21 12:04:12 +02:00