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Glenn Strauss a801ef55a0 [TLS] mark code that uses -lcrypto but not -lssl
mark code that uses openssl -lcrypto with USE_OPENSSL_CRYPTO
to note that it does not depend on openssl -lssl (USE_OPENSSL)
6 years ago
Glenn Strauss 9619d643ff [build] compile fixes for AIX
x-ref:  (see comments section)
6 years ago
Glenn Strauss f635ae7a07 [mod_auth] compile fix for Mac OS X XCode (fixes #2772)
memcpy() may be a macro and gave error for missing arguement when
CONST_STR_LEN() macro is used (which expands to two arguments)

(thx ryandesign)

  "mod_authn_file.c:683:56: error: too few arguments provided to function-like macro invocation (memcpy)"
6 years ago
Glenn Strauss a401c9469a [mod_auth] HTTP Basic auth backends also do authz (#1817)
HTTP Basic auth backends now do both authn and authz
in order to allow provide a means to extend backends to optionally
support group authz

  "LDAP-Group support for HTTP-Authentication"
7 years ago
Glenn Strauss cde68b7b23 [mod_auth] http_auth_md5_hex2bin()
Note: http_auth_backend_t digest interface returns result as a
binary MD5 (16-bytes) so that caller consistently converts to
lowercase before using it in further digest calculation.

(Alternatively, the http_auth_backend_t digest interface could have
 taken a 33-char buffer and returned an explicitly lowercased hex str)
7 years ago
Glenn Strauss 3c24ec7393 [mod_auth] terminate salt for CRYPT-MD5-NTLM 7 years ago
Glenn Strauss 65efc2eda8 [mod_auth] support CRYPT-MD5-NTLM algorithm (fixes #1743)
(based on patch submitted in #1743)
(minimally tested using example in #1743 with password 'test')

  "[PATCH] Add support for CRYPT-MD5-NTLM"
7 years ago
Glenn Strauss 9e7083582d [mod_auth] include base.h for USE_OPENSSL def 7 years ago
Glenn Strauss 4b3a91e64b [mod_auth] extensible interface for auth backends
create new, extensible interface for (additional) auth backends

attempt to handle HANDLER_WAIT_FOR_EVENT returned by auth backends
to allow for async auth backends (e.g. to mysql database)

separate auth backends from mod_auth and http_auth
  mod_authn_file.c htdigest, htpasswd, plain auth backends
  mod_authn_ldap.c ldap auth backend
add http_auth.c to common_sources for auth backend registration

(mod_authn_file could be three separate modules, but no need for now)
7 years ago