Fixed parser generating with automake

- we want "make dist" to generate them (so you can use them for cross compiles),
   but we don't want them to be generated in the source dir.
   so if you change the .y files and have an extra build dir, you have to delete
   the generated parsers from your source.
   they get deleted with "make maintainer-clean"

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Stefan Bühler 2008-08-20 10:12:23 +00:00
parent 124d8cd555
commit ed346f3907
1 changed files with 3 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -16,17 +16,16 @@ if CROSS_COMPILING
configparser.c configparser.h:
mod_ssi_exprparser.c mod_ssi_exprparser.h:
configparser.c configparser.h: lemon $(srcdir)/configparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c
configparser.c configparser.h: $(srcdir)/configparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c | lemon
rm -f configparser.h
$(LEMON) -q $(srcdir)/configparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c
mod_ssi_exprparser.c mod_ssi_exprparser.h: lemon $(srcdir)/mod_ssi_exprparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c
mod_ssi_exprparser.c mod_ssi_exprparser.h: $(srcdir)/mod_ssi_exprparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c | lemon
rm -f mod_ssi_exprparser.h
$(LEMON) -q $(srcdir)/mod_ssi_exprparser.y $(srcdir)/lempar.c
configfile.o: configparser.h
mod_ssi_expr.o: mod_ssi_exprparser.h
BUILT_SOURCES = configparser.c configparser.h mod_ssi_exprparser.c mod_ssi_exprparser.h
common_src=buffer.c log.c \
keyvalue.c chunk.c \